Haiti Sanitation Project

Paloma Institute is pleased to announce our financial support of a new initiative, to be conducted by the Haitian citizens’ group, Liberte, on the island of La Gonâve, Haiti. The focus of this project will be on education and training in sanitation and water quality issues related to human waste, as well as construction and implementation of composting toilet systems. This project, still in its early stages, is funded by the generous contributions of our donors, and we hope to be able to fund a significant expansion in the near future. Effective management of human waste is a key component of public health and welfare in Haiti, and is directly related to the current cholera epidemic there. For a recent blog on cholera and sanitation in Haiti, please see here:






March 2011-  Janice, Ryan, and Louise-Marie spent two weeks on LaGonave, working with our Haitian friends on the Sanitation Project and the Farming is Life project.  Funds generously donated by our supporters were used to purchase materials to construct (and decorate) a public toilet in a village that previously had none.  For a total cost of only about $500 (U.S), a public toilet like this goes a long way towards  keeping human waste away from water sources, helping to alleviate a life-threatening public health problem.  Many thanks to all who have helped support these efforts through your donations!


For more information about the Haiti Sanitation Project, please contact us:  info@paloma-institute.org