Farming is Life – Supporting Family Farms on LaGonave, Haiti

Paloma Institute assists with financial and technical support for the ‘Farming is Life’ program on the island of LaGonave, Haiti, as represented by the local Haitian organization ‘Jaden legin se lavi peyizan’ (JLLP). 

We work with our friend and colleague Nancy Casey, who originated Farming is Life and who has traveled to LaGonave for a number of years to help with establishment of family vegetable gardens and other community resources.  Last spring, three Paloma Institute board members (Janice Boughton, Louise-Marie Dandurand, Ryan Law) traveled with Nancy to spend some time on LaGonave, and brought crop seeds and growing information to family farms there.  This summer, Mr. Abner Sauveur reciprocated the visit, and spent several weeks in Moscow, ID, observing organic and traditional farming operations, and discussing future collaborative efforts.   

Current efforts at Paloma Institute are focused on financial support for the ongoing operations of JLLP, and on providing expertise on management of a number of plant disease and pest problems that drastically limit crop production in Haiti.

March, 2011 -  Louise-Marie, Janice, and Ryan again spent two weeks on LaGonave working with our Haitian friends in JLLP.  Here are a couple of photos of JLLP gardener training sessions.  Many thanks to our generous supporters for helping to fund this project!  

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