Update on Donkey Vaccination Project

My recent trip with Ryan Law to La Gonave, Haiti to vaccinate donkeys against tetanus was a resounding success.  A hearty thank you to Zoetis for donating the vaccine and to World Horse Welfare who put us in contact with Dr. Wousvel, a veterinarian in Port au Prince.  Thanks as well to all the generous folks who donated money toward this effort. Together we became Team La Gonave!

Once on the island we traveled to the small communities of Deny Mak, Bois Noir and Nan Kafe.  There we met up with Merita, Alex and Philippe all veterinary agents there.  We also reunited with many other friends and supporters Paloma folks have made over the years. We spent two full days putting on vaccination, examination, deworming and wound treatment clinics for the donkeys, cattle and goats.  In total we saw 180 animal and vaccinated 75 donkeys.  Merita has a solar battery powered refrigerator so was able to store the remaining vaccine there in order to administer a booster vaccine in 3 weeks.  We put a tattoo in the donkeys’ left ear to identify those we initially vaccinated.  Hopefully this will become an annual trip.  We discovered whilst there that tetanus vaccine is not available at all in Haiti – not just on La Gonave.  Consequently we sent vaccine back to Port au Prince with Dr. Wousvel to use in his mobile clinics there.

Our last night on La Gonave we had a very productive meeting with folks in the community. Essentially, Ryan and I wanted to hear from them what sort of plans/dreams/needs they have to improve their lives there.  It was recommended and agreed upon that under the umbrella of one large community association there would be three sub-associations. These would be involved in agriculture, animal health and education.  Several thoughts and ideas were discussed under the starlit sky in Elijean’s garden.  There was a lot of enthusiasm and commitment.  We all came away feeling positively that with community effort and some outside help that progress can be made step by small step.

Paloma Institute welcomes two new board members

Paloma Institute welcomes our two newest Board members:  Olga Kildisheva, and Matthew Aghai

On the anniversary of the 2010 earthquake…

…an email from our friend and colleague Abner Sauveur on the island of LaGonave, Haiti (translated from Haitian Creole)

Hi all friends that are in all corners of the world. Today is January 12, and it is an anniversary charged with sadness.  300,000 people died in the earthquake, and many more undocumented. We do not need to say how many live with sadness on their hearts and spirit, without family, without mothers or fathers, without anything that people need to have to live.  Now 2,000,000 people live in tents or without shelter from the sun, or under rain of which there is plenty.  Haiti is also living with a cholera epidemic which is killing people every day.  A lot of people lack education to protect themselves, their families, their neighbors.  In this country too many people are poor, and drink water that is not potable.  These people do not have the means to treat their water despite knowing that they need to.

We do not need to lie or exaggerate, it is what is going on in Haiti.  We have distributed food to many families on LaGonave. We have constructed homes for 26  families.  We have distributed 9,000 packets of electrolytes throughout LaGonave.  And we have formed several committees; construction, sanitation, gardening, and health.  Our work is making a difference.  We meet weekly.  Please help us as you can. Come visit, send emails.  We still need supplies such as bleach, tools, seeds,electrolytes.

Thank you for reading this email.  -Sauveur Jean Abner

Here’s Abner’s original message in Creole:

Bonjou tout zanmi Ayisyen ki nan tout kwen sou latè . Jodi a ki se 12 Janvye 2011 n ap fete yon fèt ki chaje ak tristès , emosyon doulè , lapèn nan tout fanmi Ayisyen kelkeswa kote li te ye nan Ayiti , nan lemonn antye .

300.000 moun ki kote , poutan gen moun ki pa konte ki mouri tou. Nou  pa bezwen di ou konbyen moun k ap viv koulye a ak moso nan kò , nan lespri , san fanmi , san manman san papa, san anyen pou yo viv kòm moun .  Plis pase 2.000000 moun anba tant , nan lari , san kay anba solèy chak jou , anba lapli lè gen lapli .

Koulye a , Ayiti ap viv ak yon epidemi kolera k ap touye moun chak jou.   Anpil moun manke edikasyon pou yo pwoteje tèt yo , tèt fanmi yo , tèt vwazinaj yo , zanti yo paske edikasyon nan lekòl yo pa yo edikasyon de kalite . Peyi a , gen twòp moun ki pòv , moun fè bezwen
yo atè , pi fò dlo nou bwè ann Ayiti pa potab , moun yo pa gen mwayen pou jwenn bagay pou trete dlo . Pa gen Akwatab , pa gen klowòks pou moun yo trete dlo mèm lè anpil konnen yo bezwen fè sa.

Tout sa nou sot site la yo , mwen pa bay manti , mwen pa ezajere. Se sa ki la ann Ayiti. Nan Lagonav , Lekòl kominotè ki chita nan Twazyèm seksyon kominal Gransous.  Depi apre tranblemantè a ,Lekòl sa ki gen plizyè aktivite sosyal li antre nan plizyè aktivite .  Nou te gen plizyè Patenè ki ede nou fè èv sosyal sa yo .

Bay bay plis pase 7000 moun yon placho pandan 10. Nou ditribye plizyè tantèn mamit manje ak pwo bay plizyè fanmi nan plizyè zòn nan Lagonav, nou konstui 62 pyès kay bay 26 fanmi. Lekòl la fòme , distribye 9000 sachè sewòm nan plizyè lokalite nan zòn Lagonav. Nou fòme plizyè omisyon nan Matènwa e nan plizyè zòn:

komisyon konstriksyon ak ijans , Komisyon pou fouye twalèt , komisyon jaden , komisyon sante.
Ttout kosyon sa yo ap travay chak jou nan Lagonav, epi travay yo vizib.Yo reyini chak semèn plizyè kote nan twazyèm seksyon ak lòt seksyon.

Men sa n ap mande ou fè pou nou ou , menm ki jwenn imèl sa .  Fè plizyè lòt jwenn enfòsyon sa pou nou .  Ede nou jan ou kapab , jan ou vle jan li pi fasil pou nou , nou pou tou.  Vin vizite nou , voye adrès pou nou .  Men sa nou bezwen koulye a : Lajan , Klowòks , savan , zouti pou agrikilti , semans , sewòm . Akwatab. 

Pou li imèl sa ,
Sauveur Jean Abner